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Solitude for vision, thought, and space... liminality...

minimal possessions = minimal distractions, austerity = awesome

humor as a way of playing with and re-envisioning the world around us too easily taken for granted. It also grants joyful familiarity.

physical exercise, practice, and skill development as essential for human living in a chaotic world. Embodied skill is the best way of practicing transformation of chaos to order.

Being an artist/musician: Creative and co-creative process reveals truth. Bringing the value of beauty, creativity and truth previously hidden to others who want/need it. Developing skill through embodiment and proposition!




Being a creator and implementor of vision: Looking forward into the future with sincerity and directness reveals a potential for shared vision and partnership. Seeing everyone around you as a co-creator in this shared future and building a relationship that allows that to happen.

the ability to identity and bring experience, knowledge, and wisdom to bear on solving any problem

the ability to thrive, support, and propagate life within systems that are designed to support and propagate power



Being a lover and caretaker of the life around us: Being aware of life in its myriad forms and providing sustaining care for living things so that they may bring abundant life to the world. 

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