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The Creative Dialectic Podcast is a conversational format covering a broad range

of topics between myself and my students, clients, musical compatriots, band

members, members of the local and regional music scene and many others...

Episode 1 - Introduction

Introducing Creative Dialectic

Episode 11 - What Should I Do For Thanksgiving? - A meditation on the limits of our COVID-era moral reckoning...

CD Podcast 11 - What Should I Do for TPeter Benjamin
00:00 / 21:00

Episode 10 - Scaling Down, not up! & being an Ally vs. being a friend. In this podcast, I discuss my idea of the importance of focusing the scale of one's creative output to other individuals, not to the masses. I then tie in what I believe to be an important call to reject 'allyship' in favor of a much more authentic way of being in relationship to others.

CD Podcast - 'Scaling down and Ally vs. Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 23:26

Episode 9 (in two parts) - Guitar player and educator George Turner and I discuss the precariousness of being an artist in a society bent strongly toward the endless trivialities facilitated by unchecked consumerism and 'commodity fetishism.' We also reflect on the conspicuous replacement of melody with technical prowess and production value in guitar playing and in music generally. Man, I really do sound like a Marxist sometimes...

CD Podcast with George Turner Part 1Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 35:22

part 1

part 2

CD Podcast with George Turner part 2Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 40:19

Links to things discussed -  Commodity fetishism, Marx's Theory of Alienation

Episode 8 (in two parts) - A conversation with Jordani about relationship, joy, the sacrificial artist, experience of gender in the music workplace, mentorship, and the artist's responsibility to self-create a meaningful and fulfilling life...

CD Podcast w.Jordani part 1Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 57:55

part 1

CD Podcast w.Jordani -part 2Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 36:35

part 2

Episode 7- Fantasy and Inspiration: Musings on creativity, identity, and the female/male archetypal foundations of our civilization as inflected through two fantasy films: Legend (1985) and Krull (1983). 

Other influential fantasy films of this era for me: The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Never-ending Story, Time Bandits, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dragonslayer, Conan the Destroyer.

Creative Dialectic - Fantasy and InspirationPeter Benjamin
00:00 / 38:15

Addendum/clarification to/for Episode 7

CD Podcast 7 AddendumPeter Benjamin
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Loved by the Sun Mix 1Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 05:26

featured track: 'Loved by the Sun' by Tangerine Dream

Episode 6 - Musings on Culture, Creativity, Art, Music, and Church with Dan Dameron

Creative Dialectic Ep. 6Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 1:39:30

Links to things discussed/mentioned in this podcast:

The Bridge Christian Fellowship   Rachmaninov All Night Vigil recording

disclaimer: the audio for this episode is not great due to its size. I'm working on a good solution for this....

Jim's Martin Demo

00:00 / 03:17

Episode 5 - The Paradox of Isolation: Musings on a creative

person's mandate against interruptions....

Creative Dialectic Ep. 5- The Paradox ofPeter Benjamin
00:00 / 17:55

Featured Song: 'To Be Alone'

by Peter Benjamin

To Be Alone

Episode 4 - A Space for Listening: Toward higher resolution and precision in music and communication.

Related concepts/ideas: Pressure of Speech, Rule Omega, Be Precise in Your Speech 


Edit: I should have said "interview," not "episode" there at the end...

Creative Dialectic Episode 4- Space For Peter Benjamin
00:00 / 11:03

Episode 3 - Discernment: The first 

step in the process of Deep Code Learning.


See also: Jordan Greenhall, David Schmactenberger, John Vervaeke,  Jamie Wheal,  

Creatice Dialectic Podcast Ep. 3 'DiscerArtist Name
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Episode 2 - "..So, you're calling Beethoven musically disingenuous..?"

Creative Dialectic Ep 1 Edit 2Artist Name
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Links to things discussed/mentioned in this podcast:

Kai's band Noizmesh     The Microphones     Ludvig von Beethoven   

postmodernism   Ayn Rand    Fyodor Dostoevsk   Bent Leg Fatima  

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