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"As a songwriter, Peter Benjamin's deftly lyrical and melodically-driven artistry acknowledges the eclecticism of some of today's most unique contemporary indie, pop, and rock artists.  On internet radio, his brand of soulful folk rock can be heard streaming in between tracks from Iron and Wine, Jeff Tweedy, Damien Jurado, Sigur Res, Calexico, and Ryan Adams, among others.  Benjamin also owes much of his style to the influence of prolific and iconic tunesmiths like Sting, Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, and Phil Collins, who's melodic craft provided much of the soundtrack to his formative years.  

 In the early 2000's, Peter co-founded Seattle-based post alternative group Edisyn, who enjoyed status as a perennial Seattle club scene favorite from early to late 2000's. Edisyn authored three acclaimed releases to a notoriously fickle Seattle original music scene before parting ways.  After Edisyn, Peter's unique guitar playing and production skills helped lead country rock outfit Sammy Steele and the Spades to considerable recognition as the Northwest's most distinctive groups of their genre.

Peter Benjamin performs for a wide range of audiences including festivals, clubs, and special events, carefully crafting his program material to each event. This often includes adding a healthy dose of exciting cover songs to his sets designed to give audiences more context for his original music as well as greater insight into the influences from which he draws.

When not performing, Peter teaches songwriting, production, guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and drums, through his innovative educational platform called the Peter Benjamin Music Workshop. Navigate to the education page or contact him directly at for more information. Peter is also the resident musician at Harris Bridge Vineyard in Philomath OR, a very small independent winery and community nestled in the southern recesses of the beautiful Williamette Valley in Oregon State.

Below is a comprehensive discography of Peter's official releases to date. Stay tuned for more info. on upcoming releases....


Down at the Goldmine is the first and only official recording made at Powerline Studio- Peter's musical headquarters from 2012 to 2016.  This six-song mini-album was recorded by the immensely talented Jeremy Lightfoot and his studio-on-wheels, and contains easily the most infectiously groove-ridden psychedelic roots rock ever documented by humanity.


The Bon Crowes started as a music comedy side project with friend and comedy co-writer Steven Werner, but turned into mostly a for-fun covers album project. This affectionate collection of Beatles covers represents The Bon Crowes's version of what the world's most influential band might sound like if they made records today.


On April 4th* of this year, Peter resumes releasing original music! This release, titled '     ,' is the first collection of a series of songs written over the last decade but were never recorded or released. The songs featured on this EP were recorded live and showcase a much more organic and natural feel than would likely have been captured in a studio environment. 



In the summer of 2018, Sammy Steele and the Spades (formerly The Sammy Steele Band) follow up their 2011 full length debut with a sweet 2-song vinyl single!


This two-song release features the tracks 'Addicted' and 'The Ballad of Jenny Rae,' both of which were arranged by Peter and epitomize the northwest country rock alternative sound that makes this band one of the most consistently unique of their genre. 



In 2013, Peter left the Sammy Steele Band and released The Victorian. The record features nine rich, 70's-inspired indie folk rock tracks about his own life as an artist.


After Edisyn, Peter brought his unique guitar sound and production expertise to local southern rock favorites The Sammy Steele Band.  Click here to buy their debut release Songs From The Third Cactus.


For Your Enjoyment & Leisure is Peter's first solo release after venturing out from the secure-but-stifling confines of the guitar player and collaborator role he had in Edisyn and other groups.  FYE&L is a rough-and-ready alt country-tinged indie rock record with a hint of psychedelia and was fully written, produced, and engineered by Peter as a gesture of full abandonment of the often glacial pace of his previous collaborative efforts .


Edisyn's third and final release is a short one, but nevertheless contains some of their best work and is a fitting farewell for one of Seattle's most unique alternative bands of the 2000's.


This is the first release from Peter's alt rock band Edisyn.  Edisyn became a Seattle club favorite in the early to late 2000's behind their distinct fusion of American and British alternative rock sounds. Edisyn's musical identity was largely defined by Peter's textural and melodic guitar playing which became his signature style for most of the decade.


Edisyn's second release Everything Else Is OK is the record that brought them a modicum of recognition in Seattle's notoriously capricious music scene.  Led by instant mid 2000's indie rock fan favorite 'Circles Block the Sun,' this album is probably the most complete representation of Edisyn's unique synthesis of British alternative and American indie sounds.

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