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Custom Audio & Media Services 

The creative economy is upon us!


More and more content creators on a wide range of video and audio platforms are making an impact (and a living) with their ideas, music, videos, and influence! This trend is made possible by the increasing availability of affordable equipment with which to produce their work. Whether your music is your product, or just a part of the overall vibe of your brand, you need to best quality composition and production that you can get to stand out from everyone else.


Peter now offers his considerable experience and expertise in songwriting collaboration, arrangement, pre-production (and post production, for podcasters), and remote demo recording, all at extremely fair prices to creators of all stripes!

If you're a content creator, musician, songwriter, or anyone who's looking to write, complete, record, and/or produce your music, don't hesitate to contact Peter for more information on how the process works and pricing information.

- songwriter demo and podcast audio Mixing and Mastering

- Songwriting collaboration and production

Battles In My Mind - cowritten with Dion Fernandez
This song was written and produced from a demo containing only a chord progression with guitar, bass, and drums.
Sliding Down a Rainbow
(children's song commission)
'untitled/unpublished instrumental track' commission in the style of new metal...
Heaven and the Power of the Cross
(private commission in the style of country gospel)
Angel of the Night
(private commission in the style of pop, R&B)

- Photo digitization and media formatting

One of Peter's greatest recently discovered joys is helping elders in his community with their media needs. Peter can help you with digitizing, archiving, and preparing slideshows and other media showcases for your photograph collection so it will never fade, get lost, or otherwise diminish in quality. contact him at or 253.376.8940

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