2021 Update...

It's true, 2020 was pretty much a total loss for music performance, shows, parties, and everything related to people getting together in person and sharing ideas, music, and beauty. Peter's normally busy performance schedule was whittled down to only two shows for the whole year (one before the lock downs and one clandestine party under the radar...). In 2021, Peter will be making up for lost time and opportunities with a series of releases, the first of which will be a series of eclectic collaborations that Peter wrote, produced, and recorded with various area artists (see music player just below for a sample). Peter will also be offering a collection of solo piano pieces. Scroll down to listen to and purchase a single of one of the pieces that will be featured in this instrumental collection.




In the winter of 2020, Peter launched his own independent music education and production services platform called Peter Benjamin Music Workshop and Creative Services. This year, Peter is expanding the scope of the PBMWCS and linking it to his community organization The Social Capital Society. To learn more about both of these exciting new offerings and programs, navigate to the educational program tab above.

This Doesn't Translate RemixPeter Benjamin (feat. BMB)
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