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Welcome to my online home. I'm a performer, songwriter/composer, producer, and educator based in the greater Pacific Northwest of the United States. Please explore this site to find an extensive archive of releases, music for media, musical commissions, and tons of additional material that I've produced over my many years as a musician.


I offer private instrumental and vocal instruction as well as composition, arrangement, and production work for songwriters and bands alike. Instruction and production work are available

both in-person and remotely.

I also perform live as a solo artist and with my band in a wide range of venues and events.

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On April 4th, 2023, I resumed releasing original music with a small collection of brand new songs. The 4 song EP features live recordings of relentlessly groovy, introspective, soulful folk-rock songs that I've wanted to release for years now but never found the opportunity to record in the studio. It turns out that the live sound is kind of  what I'm passionate about anyway, so, it's kind of a win, win. Click here to purchase and download the new record!


....some random music samples from upcoming and/or abandoned projects...

This Doesn't Translate Remix Rough
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